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How to choose shock absorber for motorcycle?
Public date:2022-07-18 12:50:15    |   Views:

The vast majority of motorcycles use cylindrical shock absorbers, and only a few use leaf spring structures. There are many types and varieties of cylindrical shock absorbers. Generally, according to the installation position, there are front shock absorbers and rear shock absorbers.

(1) According to the direction of attenuation force, there are one-way shock absorbers and two-way shock absorbers.

(2) According to the load adjustment type, there are spring initial pressure adjustment type, air spring type and installation angle adjustment type.

(3) According to the structure, there are telescopic tube type front hydraulic shock absorber (which is the front shock absorber commonly used in motorcycles at present), rocker arm type shock absorber, rocker arm lever vertical central shock absorber, and rocker arm lever inclined central shock absorber.

(4) According to the working position of the oil cylinder, there are inverted shock absorbers (that is, the oil cylinder is at the top and the piston rod is at the bottom) and positive shock absorbers (the oil cylinder is at the bottom and the piston rod is at the top).

(5) According to the working medium, there are spring shock absorbers, spring air damping shock absorbers (because of the limited damping force of air, the damping effect is not ideal, and generally only used as rear shock absorbers for low speed mopeds), hydraulic damping shock absorbers, oil air combined front * shock absorbers, and nitrogen filled hydraulic shock absorbers.